What are the website components?

In 2021

Indeed, there are different types of websites, for different purposes. Many organizations need a separate web page for an informational purpose. Whereas other companies request interactive and dynamic websites with more user engagement for different purposes as entertainment, e-commerce, media streaming etc., which must be optimized to cover a greater audience.


Among general differences between websites we can identify an availability of a user panel (login panel) (which is mainly used by e-commerce platforms and websites; design, structure or menu differences; adds-on, apps, technologies or widgets implemented and web communication tools available. Every aspect is critical for the website performance and consequently company sales. However, below you can see a detailed explanation of each main component involved:

Feel & Look

First component is a design, structure and general look and feel of a website. This is a process oriented to make a customer to stay on a website identifying a level of the user-friendliness. “The first impression users have of a website are as much as 94% design-related” – Northumbria and Sheffield Universities (Eric Gordon, 2018). Indeed a “moving” and interactive website encourages your visitors to keep browsing it. There are many different tricks are being used by designers to do that, for example to place a catching video or a banner (with an offer, for example, for e-commerce websites) to the top (hero) of a Home page. Or to provide an interactive Social Media integration. This literally would allow website visitors to share, discuss or just provide feedback about products, services or just information described on the webpage or website.

Unfortunately, not all of the websites are focused at a high level of user-friendliness and responsive design, which adds complication towards communication with website visitors

Almost every second website has the same page structure, depending on the industry, including pages like “Home”, “About Us”, “Contact Us”, and pages with the services provided. It allows to allocate all content among specific pages that you can easily find in navigation to the point that you are looking for. Thus, you do not see the tendency companies having all their content and brand information on the only webpage. By the way, this is called Landing Page. They exist, but normally for projects “coming soon” where it is not necessary to provide a lot of information and data about company services and products.


Search Engine Optimization

One of the basic technologies which comes along with any website today is SEO, literally making a website visible in the web, creating the first communicational approach. It helps to sort all websites in the SERPs of any search request. Therefore, once you google “a cat”- search engines show you web pages/images/videos related to cats, not to dogs.

It works with a help of meta tags which is being inserted into a whole website at the same time into each separate page (if needed). Every search engine like Google, Yandex or Yahoo scans it, gets all the meta data and general description of every page and gives you a filtered list of websites which is relevant to your search. In other words, meta tags help search engines to get an idea what your text is about.

Meta tags include the Page Name, Page Description, Keywords, Robots Meta Tag, Canonical tag and Alt tag. Simply the Search Engine shows you only websites related to your search request based on meta tags.

Thanks to most search engines, the meta is being “scanned” automatically by the search machine. Even in case meta texts are not set up, the machine creates them automatically for your potential visitors and adds your website to the search list.

Nevertheless, it is very important not to forget to set the meta content up before your website is live. The reason is simple – search engines love a high level of user-experience and customer service. Meta tags is a part of it. 

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