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About Leo Voruta

Specialist with 9 years of experience in web development, design and advertising. European master and bachelor degrees in Digital Media Management and IT Technology. Managing 75+ Google and Facebook Ads Accounts. Currently in Costa Blanca, Spain.

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Responsive Website

FROM 250€ (all included)

A modern website with a custom design for all the necessary tasks. Suitable for any start-up or company to inform customers about services and products, accept purchase requests and sell online. 

  • Domain & Hosting

    Choose your domain (.es/.com/.net etc.) and have no issues with hosting your new website. Hosting from 5€/month. Domain from 10€/year.

  • Custom Design & Tools

    Get a website with a custom, unique design and marketing tools to acquire more leads.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Your new website will be connected to useful SEO platforms and services. It is important to be listed in the Organic (free) Search Results.

Google Ads

FROM 300€/3 months + budget

Website is already ready? You want now people to visit your website, don’t you? Google Advertising is the right solution to get a high quality traffic to your website.

Your website will appear in the first results of Google Search.

  • Google Search Ads

    Advertising based on users' searches in Google. Only countries/cities where you want to advertise. Can be integrated in any language.

  • Business Keywords Selection

    I assist you with the selection of the most relevant search keywords and keywords phrases for your business. Manual bidding to keep a profitable balance between cost, clicks and conversions (when lead converts into a client).

  • Custom Design Ads

    I create multiple Ad Sets and Dynamic Search Ads for one or different areas/products/services of your business. Also possible to select a specific target audience based on users' preferences, age and etc.

Facebook Advertising

FROM 200€/1 month + budget

Reach more people and get potential clients via Facebook Advertising! Responsive Banner/Video Ads to lead to a website, Facebook post, video, event etc.

  • Facebook Target Ads

    Advertising will be displayed to users while using their Facebook who correspond to the chosen target audience .

  • Custom Audience

    I assist with the selection of the right target audience for your business based on location, age, language, interests and etc.

  • Designed Ads

    I creare all necessary ad assets (images, video, slideshows and animations) to attract as many users' attention as possible.

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